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The economic scenario in India is ever-changing, and the Small and Medium Enterprises are always the first to be impacted by these changes. However, with the overwhelming number of responsibilities they face on a daily basis, a small business owner might not have the time or resources to stay updated. For example, the recent introduction of the Goods and Services tax involves a wide array of reforms that are crucial to small businesses. We provide you with a one-stop information section for all your queries related to managing finance, GST information and a lot more through the ‘SME Corner Blog’ segment. Read more

With SME Corner Blog, our aim is three-fold: to educate, update and inspire small and medium business owners by presenting valuable insights in a simple and crisp manner. It features everything that an enterprising SME might want to know; from business advice and GST blogs to information on the latest finance products that are suitable for different industry segments or working capital requirements. In addition to these, the SME Corner Blog will also include upcoming trends, as well as operational and technical innovations that take place across the various sectors of the Indian economy.

The dedicated sections in the SME Corner Blog on each of Capital Float’s customized finance products enable you to take informed decisions on the type of loan that best suits your unique business requirements. Keep checking the space below to stay informed about all the latest updates on finance. Read less

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