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Supplier payments are part and parcel of every business. Some payments are made regularly to replenish inventory and maintain the smooth progress of business operations. On other occasions, businessmen are presented with growth opportunities that must be seized by liquidating funds. Due to the 90-day payment cycle followed by most dealers, businessmen often face a cash crunch which forces them to resort to informal lending channels to obtain finance.
Exorbitant rates of interest coupled with the unreasonable demands of the lender, could have crippling effects on the borrower as well as the small business. Capital Float offers an innovative solution to overcome this hurdle and acquire timely finance, which is detailed in the Supply Chain Finance blog. Read more

Enterprises can now use invoices as financial instruments to avail funds for servicing the new prospects that come their way through the Supply Chain Finance. A revolutionary way to put more money into your business, the Supply Chain Finance Blog explains how invoices from blue chip corporates make obtaining working capital easier. You can also find the eligibility criteria and the minimum documents required for this loan from the Supply Chain Finance blog given below.

Whether you wish to combat cash flow slowdowns or get started on a new project altogether, Supply Chain Finance is the perfect solution for you to ease the burdens on your business. Read the Supply Chain Finance blog section to know more about this form of invoice financing. Read less

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