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During their growth phase, many SMEs are faced with the problem of an inconsistent source of finance. As a result, they might come across plenty of operational difficulties ranging from purchasing raw materials or inventory, hiring skilled employees to paying their vendors on time.The Pay Later Blog introduces an innovative solution to resolve the issues that arise from a shortage of funds in the form of a customized loan called Pay Later Finance. This credit facility helps increase the cash flows of small businesses, thereby maintaining the regular pace of their business operations. Their relationships with suppliers also improves due to timely payment, leading to better business terms going forward. Read more

Designed by the team at Capital Float, Pay Later carries a predefined credit capacity that is unique to each applicant. By availing this product, the applicant can make multiple drawdowns within the given capacity and repay the amounts to restore the balance for further usage. The Pay Later Blog illustrates the various ways in which this product can be the growth hacker for the unique requirements that your business might have. Also, the different businesses that can avail this product are listed in the Pay Later Blog.

Pay Later is a rolling loan product that helps SMEs make supplier payments within 24 hours. Another advantage that this product offers is that interest is charged on the amount used and not on the entire limit provided to the applicant. Know more about this specialized finance product in the Pay Later Blog section below. Read less

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