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Financial products, in general, refer to instruments that provide short term or long term financial gain. Some of these are essential to conduct day-to-day activities, such as a bank account that helps you manage your finances by facilitating ease of tracking savings and expenditure. Others such as insurance and investment cover your financial needs against a range of events or as assets respectively. Of these, the most important product, according to various financial product blog, that a growing enterprise would require is ‘credit’. Read more

The need for credit varies across industry segments and depends largely on the scope of the project that it might be used for. Large corporates may require a big source of funding to invest into projects that extend over a significant duration of time, say a span of 5 years or more. Small and medium enterprises, on the other hand, might more often be in want of immediate working capital to fulfill their short-term plans for a couple of years or less. The Financial Product Blog contains a complete analysis of the different SME loan products that are offered by Capital Float. The requisite that each loan serves, along with the credit limit, loan tenure and other important details are specified in the financial product blog.

Unsecured small business loans come to the rescue of small businesses at critical times, and with the right amount at the right time, they aid a small business in growing faster. Read the financial product blog to identify the loan that best suits your business needs. Read less

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