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The way we utilize money has experienced profound changes with the introduction of technology. Financial innovations, led by visionary entrepreneurs leveraging the benefits of technology and startup capital, have revolutionized the traditional banking system to provide easy access to finance, both for individuals and small and medium enterprises. Digitally-enabled NBFCs, also known as FinTech lenders represent the face of new-age financing which enables loans to be advanced without having to provide collateral, called unsecured loans. The Merchant Cash Advance blog offers a detailed insight on one such collateral-free finance product: the Merchant Cash Advance or loans on card swipes. Read more

Businesses today are actively using card payment devices to deliver a convenient shopping experience to their customers. Also, the Digital India initiative now incentivizes consumers on every digital transaction as a measure to transform India into a cashless economy. As a result, Point-of-sale or PoS machines not only offer the merits of cashless transactions; they have become instruments for availing working capital finance. The Merchant Cash Advance blog explains how restaurants, petrol pumps and retail stores can fund their business needs and achieve growth through finance received from debit or credit card settlements.

Also, you can repay the loan in instalments which are calculated as a percentage of the revenue generated via card transactions, and methods to obtain this customized working capital are specified in the Merchant Cash Advance Blog.

Know how you can receive the most out of Capital Float’s innovative credit product through the dedicated section for Merchant Cash Advance blog below. Read less

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