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Running an enterprise single handedly does not mean that you are without help. Not every aspect related to business strategy, operations or finance can be gleaned from experience alone. Any successful businessman would affirm that they wouldn’t have achieved their objectives without help- be it from peers, mentors, industry experts or even from business advice blog. The ability to evaluate and act on the counsel has served as the turning point for many of today’s multinational corporations and leading players. Read more

Recently, the Government had launched the Make in India initiative with the primary goal of transforming India into a global manufacturing hub. The benefits offered to domestic industries under this program are many-fold. Also, the reforms introduced by the revolutionary indirect tax system GST vary across sectors. The Business Advice Blog analyses the policies and processes that should be followed by small and medium enterprises to reap the advantages and avoid the pitfalls that accompany such changes. Also, new and flourishing business owners can consult the business advice blog section for all finance management related queries. From identifying the best source of finance for your working capital requirements to choosing the ideal credit product, this section details all these and more.

The main objective of the Business Advice Blog is to enable SMEs to take intelligent decisions regarding management of finance in a timely manner, thereby paving a direct route towards unprecedented growth. Read the blogs given below to know more. Read less

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